Dr. Nestor A. Stychno, a compassionate visionary, draws from personal experience as a refugee who fled the horrors of World War II in Ukraine. Having witnessed the atrocities and suffering as a young child, he embarked on a mission to make a difference. As a successful doctor in America, a land of unparalleled opportunities, he founded the Stychno Humanitarian Foundation in 2023, which is a new foundation, and we are looking to support a humanitarian aid organization to extend a lifeline to those less fortunate, driven by a profound desire to prevent history from repeating its darkest chapters.

We are Stychno Humanitarian Foundation

Driven by the legacy of our founder, Dr. Nestor A. Stychno, who himself was once a refugee fleeing the horrors of World War II, we carry forward his vision of providing relief to the less fortunate. Our foundation is rooted in the belief that together, we can create miracles through the power of humanitarian aid.

With unwavering commitment, we raise funds to provide essential resources such as safe shelter, clothing, food, and potable water to those in need around the world. Our tireless efforts aim to restore dignity, foster resilience, and empower individuals and communities to rebuild their lives.

At Stychno Humanitarian Foundation, we stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of compassion and solidarity. Together with our supporters, we are forging a path toward a more compassionate and inclusive world where the promise of a brighter tomorrow is within reach for all. Join us in making a difference today.

Dr. Nestor A. Stychno


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Discover stories of resilience and compassion that ignite your passion for humanitarian aid. Explore the incredible journeys of those we’ve helped and find inspiration to make a difference.


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Your generosity fuels our mission. Contribute to the Stychno Humanitarian Foundation and transform lives in crisis-stricken areas. Every donation brings us closer to creating miracles for those in need.


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Join our dedicated team of volunteers and be a part of real change. Whether it’s lending a hand on the ground or supporting our initiatives remotely, your time and skills can have a profound impact.


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Help The Children: Empower the future by supporting our efforts to provide children in distress with shelter, education, and hope. Together, we can create a brighter tomorrow for these young lives.

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Quick Disaster Response

In times of crisis, the Stychno Humanitarian Foundation springs into action with a rapid and coordinated disaster response. Our commitment to swift and effective aid is unwavering, ensuring that those affected by natural disasters, war, or similar conflicts receive the support they desperately need.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to assess the immediate needs of affected communities, prioritizing safety, shelter, nourishment, and access to clean water. Through our network of partners and supporters, we mobilize resources and funds to provide rapid relief, delivering aid to the front lines of disaster-stricken areas.

We understand that every moment counts when lives are hanging in the balance. Our Quick Disaster Response initiative is a testament to our dedication to minimizing suffering and fostering resilience. Together with your support, we stand ready to make a meaningful impact and bring hope to those facing the darkest hours of their lives. Join us in our mission to provide swift relief when it matters most.

We Help Thousands Of Children,
Arrange Food & Build Houses For Them

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